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The 10 Minute Series

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This series of books is brought to you by health professionals Lee David and Debbie Brewin who launched the first in the series – 10 Minutes to Better Mental Health in March 2022. 

Following the success of the first publication, a follow up series is planned, with the next publication – ‘Boosting Your Mental Wellbeing – 10 minute steps for stressed healthcare professionals’ due in Spring 2023.

Each book in the series is aimed at different needs and different groups of people and describes how practical techniques and GROWTH steps can make a difference in just 10 minutes a day.

The 10-Minute Series

10 minute steps to better mental health book cover image

10 Minutes to Better Mental Health – A Step-By-Step Guide for Teens Using CBT and Mindfulness.

Have you found your direction and purpose in life, or are you floundering – anxious and aimless like you’ve lost your phone?

Are you uncomfortable in your group, or do you compare yourself unfavourably and maybe even avoid friends?

Have you fallen into the trap of reacting angrily towards others when you feel criticised, or does low mood get in the way of you doing things?

This book will help you get the best out of life. It is a practical workbook made up of information, advice, videos and exercises, using a framework called 10 Minute GROW, which helps keeps things brief, to the point and easy to remember.

Boosting Your Mental Wellbeing – 10 Minute Steps for Stressed Healthcare Professionals using CBT and Mindfulness.

 This book could hardly have come at a better time. 

There is a clear message here about GPs needing to spend more time looking after themselves. Uniquely, this book provides a structure steeped in the theory of CBT and ACT on how overwhelmed GPs can regain control. And with this, can boost their mental wellbeing.

What this book does is to share a process which the authors call ‘GROWTH’ (read on). This goes much further than the unsatisfactory ‘resilience training’ and is underpinned by a strong background in CBT and ACT therapies.

(a snippet from Professor Mark Ashworth

Professor of Primary Care, King’s College London)


Exciting News for 2024

We are delighted to announce that 3 new titles for teens will be published in 2024, giving you 10 minute steps to Reduce Anxiety, Boost Low Mood and Build a Better Body Image.

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Dr Lee David


Dr Lee David

Dr Lee David is a GP with an interest in mental health who works as a Clinician for NHS Practitioner Health, supporting professionals coping with mental health difficulties. She also works as a CBT Therapist for the NHS and privately, and has expertise in ACT, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness and Trauma Therapy for adults and young people, and in working with people with neurodiversity.

She is an experienced author and has written a range of books for health professionals and the general public on the subject of mental health and wellbeing. She has a role in primary care education, and is Director of the organisation 10 Minute CBT, which provides training for primary health care professionals to use realistic and effective brief CBT skills with routine consultations.

Debbie Brewin - Mental Health Specialist and Author


Debbie Brewin

Debbie is a highly experienced therapist, trainer and author who is passionate about helping people get the most out of life, especially young people.

Debbie has worked for over 30 years in mental health services in the NHS, Social Services, Universities and in the voluntary sector. She is highly experienced in CBT, EMDR and ACT and is a mIndfulness practitioner. She has also written therapy materials for research trials investigating the connection between emotional wellbeing and physical health…..

Debbie has more recently been running training for schools and businesses in Mental Health First Aid, Mindfulness, Confidence-Building and Stress Management. She is a Director of Mind-Growth Mastery, a community interest company. 

An Audience with the Author…

Both Lee and Debbie are experienced trainers. If you would like to book a talk for your team or enquire further about training options, contact us here…….


I have done Dr. David’s CBT courses and so was very keen to read this book as a parent and GP.
Was not disappointed and loved going through each chapter. It’s like a guided tour to improving mental well-being. Very easy to navigate and understand. In a language which resonates with youngsters. Will certainly be sharing it with my patients. The exercises are clear , concise and just the right dose for small sessions.

– Amazon review – 10 minutes to better mental health


A practical book which allows teenagers to digest information in bite-size pieces. The videos are engaging and bring the text to life. A great read for both teenagers, parents and those who work with young people.

– Amazon review – 10 minutes to better mental health