10 Minutes to Better Mental Health

A guide for teens

This book will help you get the best out of life…

It is a practical workbook made up of information, advice, videos and exercises. We use a framework called 10 Minute GROW, which helps keep things brief, to the point and easy to remember. 

With this book, you can choose to spend 10 minutes a day moving yourself and your life in the direction that you want to take.

We aim to provide skills to help you navigate your way through difficulties and become the person you want to be. With the pressures of school, college and exams, no one has time to spend ages doing anything extra, so we’ve broken it down into bite-sized chunks and use a variety of media to help. 

Find it hard to believe that just 10 minutes a day can help?

Well, we believe that there are many reasons that you might find this book helpful: we have based the information and exercises on research evidence from reliable sources, and we include concrete examples of how you might use or apply these ideas. 

Understand the Science

Attention Span

The average attention span is 10-20 minutes, so we provide information in bite-sized chunks, with timings, so you know how long each session will take.

Try it Out

We all learn new skills by trying things out, noticing what happened adjusting and repeating – so we will ask you to take action, find out what works best for you and work out how you can bring this into your life in the future.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key! It can take up to 66 repetitions to form a habit! We encourage you to think about what you have found helpful and keep on doing it until it becomes a healthy habit.

Bulk Purchases

This book is ideal for educational and therapy settings, and we are able to apply great discounts for bulk purchase. Please get in touch with us so we can help you purchase multiple copies


Fantastic resource for young people or those that work with them.

– Amazon review 2022


Full of easy to use tips. Every teen should read this!

– Amazon review 2022


Jump straight in for immediate mood benefits.

– Amazon review 2022

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